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nitrogen in labs
Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generation in Laboratories


Familiar with laboratories? These spaces are essential to scientific progress, experimentation, and research, as well as drug and chemical manufacturing. Professionals working within labs oversee critical applications, which means that the equipment used to power these processes – as well as the environment within which these processes are completed – must be safe and reliable. One way to ensure this safety and consistency is by using on-site nitrogen generation.

Benefits of Nitrogen Generation in Labs

If you work in a lab, you’ll know that this isn’t a setting in which you can risk slight contamination or a minor issue in gas deliverability. In fact, it’s mission-critical to maintain very specific atmospheric conditions as required by the process, which is where nitrogen comes into play! Nitrogen is an inert gas, meaning that it doesn’t react with chemicals or other substances. This makes it an ideal choice for atmospheric blanketing, a process in which nitrogen is introduced to the lab environment, which removes the oxygen; this removal eliminates the potential hazards associated with oxygen by creating a non-combustible environment.

In addition to decreasing the chance for things to go “boom,” nitrogen is also effective in ensuring that a lab’s equipment remains both safe and functional. How? Simple – the nitrogen introduced into the lab environment helps to control the lab’s temperatures and humidity levels. This, in turn, is crucial to maintaining the integrity of fragile and sensitive equipment, including dry boxes, IVF incubators, and mass spectrometers.

Why On-Site Nitrogen Generation for My Lab?

Delivered nitrogen is a thing of the past. By generating your nitrogen on-site, you reap these benefits:

  • Consistency – no need to worry about your nitrogen suddenly running out in the middle of a critical application. Instead, your source of nitrogen is guaranteed!
  • You can set the purity level that you need and only pay for that purity. Plus, generating your own N2 is a much more cost-effective option.
  • You increase the safety in your lab by eliminating the need for handling nitrogen gas cylinders.

Want to learn more about on-site nitrogen generation? Visit us at www.atlascopco.com/nitrogen-usa!


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