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Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generation in Electronics Manufacturing


Manufacturing electronics – including the fields of semiconductor manufacturing and circuit manufacturing – is a complex process that allows absolutely no room for error. As such, it requires an environment that is both extremely controlled and precise in regards to temperatures, timing, packaging, and assembling. One of the key elements in achieving a space that meets these strict conditions? Nitrogen.

Benefits of Using Nitrogen Gas in Electronics Manufacturing

Interestingly, nitrogen is the number one gas that is consumed during the production of electronics. You might be asking yourself – why is nitrogen so popular to use in this industry? The benefits of using nitrogen gas in electronics manufacturing is multifold, but the top advantages are:

  • Maintains a Consistent Atmosphere. Nitrogen helps maintain a dry, clean, and – most importantly – inert atmosphere, which in in turn allows manufacturing to take place safely and consistently throughout the day.
  • Sharper Finishes. Nitrogen is ideal for producing extremely clean and crisp finishes, which are necessary for any type of electronic device being produced. In fact, nitrogen is regarded as the assist gas of choice when the cut must be top quality!
  • Reduced Dross. Dross, or solid impurities in molten metal, can be a significant issue when the soldering process occurs. Nitrogen lessens the amount of dross that is produced during soldering, in turn strengthening the solder.
  • Reduces/Prevents Oxidation. Oxidation is the formation of oxygen particles, which can be disastrous to electronics production if the particles become embedded between the solder and the materials. The solder will be weakened, and defects will occur. Nitrogen, however, reduces the presence of oxygen molecules – thereby increasing the strength of the solder and preventing oxidation from occurring.

As the demand for electronic devices continues to grow, the demand for nitrogen in electronics manufacturing will also increase. To learn more about nitrogen and how nitrogen generation technology works, please visit us at www.atlascopco.com/air-usa.

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