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Never Stop Learning Festival – All About Air Compressors

Over the course of two weeks Atlas Copco has created a festival for employees entitled Never Stop Learning Festival. The goal of this festival is to engage the employees and highlight the importance of learning when it comes to our daily lives, whether it is learning about time management, remote working, dealing with stress, being mindful or even more job specific trainings. These are all trainings that employees can not only use at work but also in their daily lives.

To stick with the Never Stop Learning Festival theme, this week’s post will go back to the basics and focus on learning all about Air Compressors. 

Why we need air compressors?

Look around you right now. There are probably at least 10 different products that compressed air had a hand in producing and getting it in the hands of you, the consumer. In fact, on an average day, it would be impossible to count all the times you come across products made possible by compressed air. That bottle of water on your desk, not only was compressed air used to make the plastic, but it was also used in the bottling plant to move the bottles along the production line and into the proper packaging.

The food we eat, the medical care we receive, the cars we drive, the paper we write on, the medications we take are all made possible by air compressors.

What are they used for?

It might be simpler to talk about what they aren’t used for since air compressors are used in a wide variety of applications. Here are just a few of the applications:

  • Automotive – Compressed air is used in car and engine assembly, pneumatic tools, and the painting processes.
  • Brewery – Air compressors allow clean air to be used during each stage of production keeping the beer free of contaminates.
  • Food and beverage – Air is used to move the products throughout productions and packaging facilities.
  • Medical air and healthcare – Medical air solutions is used in hospitals, dental practices, and veterinary labs and clinical work environments.
  • Glass – Compressed air is used to help keep glass clean and clear in the manufacturing process.
  • Electronics – phones, computers, tablets all would be impossible without compressed air used in the manufacturing process.
  • Textile – Oil-free compressed air is in all steps of the textile industry from spinning, man-made fiber productions, dying the fabrics, weaving, texturizing, pneumatic conveying and more.
And many more….

How do they work?

Air compressors work when atmospheric air is stored under pressure, it creates potential energy that can be held inside a tank until it's needed. Just like a balloon being released, when the pressurized air is released, the potential energy is converted into usable kinetic energy.

From impact wrenches to AC units, many versatile air-powered tools and machines are responsible for the comfort and shelter of everyday life.

To learn more about air compressors and how they work visit altascopco.com.

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