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Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Meet the LRP VSD+: The Intelligent Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


Introducing the LRP VSD+, the new standard for liquid ring vacuum pumps! A blend of modern design, classic technology, and outstanding reliability, the LRP VSD+ is built to handle rugged applications. From wet, humid, or dirty processes to locations with high temperatures or extreme vapor loads – the LRP VSD+ thrives in tough situations.  

  • Two VSDs.The first VSD will precisely match your processes’ demands, only giving the vacuum that’s needed. The second VSD controls the water circulation pump.
  • Anti-Seizure Algorithm.This prevents seizure activity from occurring after long periods of inactivity.
  • Hookup for ES Central Controller. You can monitor and control the LRP VSD+ with our ES Controller. You can also integrate with SMARTLink, our remote monitoring system!
  • Main Element Materials. The main element is composed of both stainless steel and cast iron, which are wear-resistant and ensures a longer lifespan for your vacuum pump.
  • Plug-and-Play Package.All cable connections and ports are on top of the canopy, which itself is sleek and ergonomic.

Industries with particularly tough & wet applications, as well as liquid and solid carry-over, will benefit greatly from upgrading to the LRP VSD+. Examples include food processing, bottling, poultry & meat evisceration, pulp and paper, and plastic extrusion.

Want to discover more about the LRP VSD+?  Visit our website or watch our Customer Benefits and Working Principle videos on Youtube!


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