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Keep Seasonal Fruits and Veggies Fresh with Nitrogen


Zucchini, tomatoes, peaches, strawberries galore! Fresh fruits and vegetables are great to enjoy during the summer months, but they can also have a shorter shelf life when exposed to oxygen.

Oxygen supports life. That’s why food spoils when exposed to oxygen. The natural microorganisms and enzymes found in produce (aerobic bacteria, yeast and mold) grow quickly when they take in oxygen and let off carbon dioxide. You can thank catalase and peroxidase for turning your sliced apples brown.

Implementing controlled atmosphere storage using nitrogen gas can keep produce fresher longer. By using Atlas Copco oil-free air compressors paired with on-site nitrogen generators, food suppliers can keep produce crisp and fresh with 99.9% pure nitrogen. This is a better alternative to costly nitrogen bottles and liquid tanks.

Replacing ambient air (composed of roughly 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen) with nitrogen not only decreases oxygen levels, but also humidity levels in storage facilities. The process extends the shelf life without affecting the taste or color of the food. Nitrogen also helps produce travel further to reach people who might not have access to local fresh options.

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