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Industrial Vacuum Pumps

GHS VSD+: Only Get Your Hands Dirty Once a Year!


Do you like getting your car’s oil changed? We didn’t think so. The same applies to changing your vacuum pump’s oil. While necessary, it can be an inconvenience – and an expensive one at that!

Atlas Copco has a solution for the messy, time-consuming problem of these frequent oil changes: an oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump, like our GHS VSD+, which can reduce your service time, downtime, labor, and service parts in comparison to a rotary vane vacuum pump. The kicker? A rotary vane vacuum pump can require up to eight oil changes per year, while the rotary screw vacuum pump requires only one annual oil change.

Other benefits to upgrading to the GHS VSD+, or another rotary screw pump, include:

  • Decreased service intervals. Once a year oil changes? Yes, please! If you also have an air compressor, you can place both on the same service schedule.
  • Increased reliability. Because parts do not come into contact with one another in a rotary screw vacuum pump, the wear and tear of pump parts is virtually eliminated.
  • Decreased energy usage. The variable speed drive and set point control means that the pump will deliver the desired flow – no more, no less. In fact, this pump results in an average of 50% energy savings compared to fixed speed technologies.
  • Reduced noise levels. The unique combination of the GHS VSD+’s canopy, variable speed drive, and silent components lowers the noise level by two as compared to traditional technologies.

Sound promising? Learn more about the GHS VSD+ vacuum pump here.

To explore Atlas Copco’s full range of vacuum pumps, please visit www.atlascopco.com/vac-usa.


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