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Essential Guidelines for Piping and Accessories Selection


When it comes to compressed air systems, pressure losses caused by subpar compressed air piping and accessories can lead to unwelcome consequences, including increased energy expenses, fluctuations in system pressure, and disruptions to production. Thus, it is crucial to bear the following recommendations in mind when making choices regarding piping and accessories:

  • Full-Size Piping for Filters: If possible, opt for full-size piping when installing air compressor filters. This will help prevent unnecessary pressure drops and maintain system efficiency.
  • Avoid Bushings for Size Reduction: Refrain from using bushings to reduce pipe sizes at threaded ports. This can help maintain the intended flow and pressure within your system.
  • Full Port Valves and Smart Piping Selection: Minimize pressure drops and energy costs by employing full port valves and carefully selecting piping and fittings.
  • Don't Size Piping by Component Connections: When sizing interconnecting piping, avoid using the connection sizes of individual components (e.g., compressors, coolers, filters) as your sole guide. Instead, ensure that air velocity in connecting and distribution piping does not exceed 30 feet per second.
  • Monitor Pressure Differential with Gauges: Install gauges with all filters and dryers to monitor pressure differentials. When replacing gauges, each one should be equipped with a gauge cock or valve. Prefer differential pressure gauges that indicate actual pressure in psi over pop-up or color-band types.
  • Bypass Valves for Filters and Dryers: Properly pipe filters and dryers with a three-valve bypass to facilitate continuous plant operation during servicing.
  • Duplex Dryers and Filters with Isolation Valves: In systems intolerant of contaminants, consider using duplex dryers and filters in parallel, complete with suitable isolation valves. This setup allows for filter element changes at any time, reducing pressure drops and curbing energy waste.
  • Follow Manufacturer Instructions: Always consult the manufacturers' instruction manuals for optimal interconnection procedures when combining different components in your system.

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