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Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Embracing Intelligent Vacuum Pumps with the New DZS VSD+ Range!


The world of intelligent vacuum pumps is expanding with the addition of the DZS 100-400 VSD+! This range includes three air-cooled, oil-free claw pumps that have been designed to excel in environments that are particularly harsh, such as conveying, clamping, and drying applications.

Equipped with variable speed drive (VSD) technology, the new DZS VSD+ range also boasts a durable internal coating and corrosion-resistant materials. Other perks of the new series include:

  • Meets ISO 8573-1 Class 0 Standards. There is no risk of oil contamination or contamination of the ambient air/sensitive processes with the new DZS VSD+ range; it’s 100% oil-free.
  • Uncomplicated Maintenance. No need to strip and retime the gearbox in order to clean or replace the pump claws! Rather, quicker and easier access to the pump’s interior results in decreased downtime – and lower service costs.
  • Integrated VSD+ Inverter Drive. The VSD+ inverter drive is directly integrated into the motors, meaning that the pump’s performance points can be directly controlled, saving energy.
  • Integrated VSD+ App. This range can be controlled and monitored in real-time via the new VSD+ app – all directly from your smartphone. If you’re interested in being able to adjust the pump’s operation parameters (including running hours, rotor speed, and inlet pressure) and have an intelligent vacuum pump, download the app today!

Want to learn more about the newest addition to Atlas Copco’s vacuum pump portfolio or the VSD+ app? Discover more details here or at www.atlascopco.com/vac-usa!

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