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Compressed Air and Gas A-Z Vlog: Compressed Air Piping


Welcome to Episode 13 of The Compressed Air and Gas A-Z Vlog! Ever thought about what your compressed air piping system is made out of? If not, you should! Piping systems can come in a variety of materials, including aluminum, black iron, and copper. Find out about these, and more, by watching our latest vlog 👇



  • First up is aluminum, which is a very popular choice for piping installations because it’s light weight, has excellent structural strength, and is highly resistant to corrosion. Reconfiguring the system is also easy, in case your facility expands or moves.
  • Next we have black iron, which has traditionally been popular because of its lower costs and wide availability. This type of piping is difficult to install and maintain, though; rusting and corrosion are issues, which can then lead to product contamination and equipment damage.
  • Third is copper, which is an excellent but relatively expensive material. It provides a smooth, corrosion-free internal wall for low pressure drop. Installation of copper can be time consuming and may require a licensed installer. It’s also difficult to reconfigure or make change to an existing system.

A final note on piping – beware of PVC! This type of piping is lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install. However, it is an occupational health risk potential under pressure and high temperatures, is completely unsupported by OSHA for any compressed air application and isn’t a viable piping option.


Not sure which piping material would be best for your application? Learn about all things piping and installation by visiting our dedicated Compressed Air Piping webpage!


About the Author. Katie Falcon is the contributing writer and editor for The Compressed Air Blog. She currently works at Atlas Copco Compressors as a Digital Marketing Specialist specializing in content creation and platform development. Reach her via email at katie.falcon@atlascopco.com. 


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