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Atlas Copco Launches New DHS VSD+ Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps


Atlas Copco recently launched the game-changing new series of DHS VSD+ dry screw vacuum pumps. Extremely compact and quiet, the oil-free vacuum pumps are optimized for food packaging applications. The pump series outperforms existing oil-sealed technologies in the 1-300 mbar(a) (29.9 – 21.1” HgV) vacuum range, making them ideal for food packaging applications such as skin and MAP packaging. 

Features of the DHS VSD+ dry screw vacuum pumps 

  • Smallest commercially available dry screw pumps
  • Air-cooled dry screw vacuum pump does not require water-cooling or a closed-loop chiller circuit
  • The only commercially available corrosion-resistant aluminum screw rotor vacuum pumps
  • The only commercially available oil-free dry screw vacuum pump that requires no gear lubricant
  • The only dry screw vacuum pump to incorporate Variable Speed Drive (VSD) with a central controller to eliminate the need for electrical installation and integration hardware
  • Lifetime lubricated hybrid bearings and zero gear oil or lubricant qualifies the DHS VSD+ for Class Zero applications due to the guaranteed zero oil carryover or contamination
  • Extremely minimal maintenance requirements due to the elimination of oil and filter changes 

This innovative technology eliminates the need for oil, oil filters, water cooling and compressed air to reduce ownership costs of vacuum pumps in the food packaging space. For more information on the new DHS vacuum pumps, please visit the Atlas Copco vacuum solutions website, or send us a message.

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