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Electric Cars charging
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Atlas Copco Helps Advance Electric Car Production


I think we can all agree that the price of gas these days is enough to make all of us consider hanging up our keys and/or trading in our cars for electric ones.

Lucky for us, the automotive industry is in full swing to switch from fossil fuel to electric vehicles. Each electrical or hybrid driven vehicle requires large amounts of lithium-ion battery cells. Each battery cell contains several parts such as the anode, cathode, and electrolyte. At Atlas Copco, our equipment is designed to support the manufacturing of these parts.

From mining raw material to preparing these materials to be used in the battery cell, these processes require dry, non-contaminated compressed air and nitrogen. Atlas Copco combines air and gas compressors with the right dryers, filters, and gas generators to supply a constant supply of high quality dry, unpolluted air to complete the process.

A combination of multiple Class 0 oil-free air compressors and desiccant dryers are the ideal smart air solution to ensure high product quality at the lowest possible cost. Our onsite Nitrogen and Oxygen generators help lower operational costs by allowing the exact amount and purity of gas that is required for the application.

To further reduce energy consumption and decrease the carbon footprint of the production process, Atlas Copco can provide energy recovery units that allow reuse of the heat compression elsewhere in the process. Up to 94% of electrical energy is converted into compression heat, this heat can be reused to heat the buildings or within the manufacturing process for drying and aging raw materials. This process makes Atlas Copco the perfect partner for creating lithium-ion batteries. 

Considering the switch? The benefits of an electric car are wide-ranging.

  • They can significantly reduce CO2 emissions lowering the environmental impact
  • They save the consumer money on gas
  • Electric cars are quieter
  • They are cheaper to maintain

With the price and availability of electric cars coming down and the cost of fuel going up, electric cars may become a real player in the automotive industry and Atlas Copco is ready to support the industry where needed.

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