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Atlas Copco Expands with Acquisition


Atlas Copco continues to grow as a leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions with its acquisition of Glauber Equipment Corporations’ compressor-related business. Glauber Equipment, based out of Lancaster, N.Y., is an Atlas Copco compressed air distributor and service provider.

Glauber Equipment sells, rents, installs and services Atlas Copco products. In doing so, it touches every part of the Atlas Copco compressor experience with industrial manufacturers and other customers. For nearly 60 years, Glauber Equipment has provided blower, compressor and vacuum systems to businesses in the region with customers ranging across food and beverage, pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical, textile, agriculture and other industries. Through the acquisition, 16 Glauber Equipment employees will join the Atlas Copco team.

“The strong team at Glauber Equipment will be a great addition to our group,” said John Brookshire, president of Atlas Copco Compressors LLC. “Adding Glauber Equipment to our team provides us with direct connections to our customers and an increased focus in Upstate and Western New York.”