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Major Chinese Aluminum Company Relies on Oil-Free Air


Compressed air is used in most industrial facilities, including the aluminum production industry where oil-free compressed air helps transport raw aluminum powder. In these facilities, oil-free air is essential because any level of oil contamination can cause quality defects and pipe clogging, in addition to posing a fire hazard.

Established in 2005, Henan Wanji Aluminum Co., Ltd. (Wanji Aluminum) is one of China’s largest aluminum smelters that relies on oil-free air in its production lines. With a facility that has two electrolytic aluminum production lines and a capacity of 650,000 tons per year, Wanji Aluminum requires both high-quality oil-free air and high levels of energy efficiency.

To meet both requirements, Wanji Aluminum uses 10 Atlas Copco ZH series oil-free centrifugal compressors in conveying alumina to the silo and from the silo into the pot lines, carbon anode production, air instrumentation and pneumatic conveying of recycled particulate. Here’s why:

  • ZH compressors are designed for reliability and energy efficiency in the most demanding environments, such as smelting plants.
  • The milled impellers are made from stainless steel and spin tested to ensure zero defects.
  • For trouble-free performance and long operating lives, the ZH series utilizes variable geometry flexible pad bearings, carbon ring air seals, labyrinth oil seal, AGMA Class A4 gears and stainless steel coolers.
  • The horizontal steel gear box makes is easily accessible for inspection and preventative maintenance.
  • The oil-free turbo core unit provides the optimum combination of high flow with low energy consumption.
  • The high compressor package efficiency includes ample-sized cooling, low pressure drops and an efficient drive drain.

Wanji Aluminum is able to provide 100 percent pure, clean, oil-free air for its operations thanks to the reliable and highly efficient ZH compressors. For more information on these compressors can benefit your applications, please contact an Atlas Copco expert.