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5 Ways Compressed Air Benefits Farmers


Air compressors have powered farming applications for decades, helping to create new and efficient methods of transport and farm maintenance. Compressors are used to inflate tires on tractors, ATVs and utility vehicles and supply compressed air for pneumatic staplers and nail guns. 

On larger scale farming applications, compressed air is used for:

  • Painting. Compressed air powers spray guns used to paint the barn, farm sheds, fences and outbuildings. Using a spray gun provides an even flow and smooth coat without added time.
  • Wastewater treatment. Some farms treat their wastewater onsite using low pressure blowers to supply air for re-aerating their tanks. The re-aeration process assists aerobic bacteria in producing enzymes that break down waste.
  • Transporting materials. Compressed air powers pneumatic conveying systems used to transport grains, powders and granules to silos for storage. Vacuum is also a safe alternative for moving dry goods within an enclosed pipeline without the risk of contamination.
  • Cleaning production areas. Compressed air based cleaning systems are an easy and quick way to power clean the barnyard and storage areas.
  • Powering water pumps. Water pumps can run off compressed air as opposed to electrically-driven pumps that can fail during storms. 

Different types of blowers and compressors are better suited for various applications. For more information on what’s best for your farming needs, leave us a comment below and an Atlas Copco expert will reach out.

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