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3 Ways to Show Your Compressed Air System Some Love


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that today is Valentine’s Day. While some people opt to skip the romance in favor of Singles Appreciation Day, about 61.8% of consumers from across the nation will take part in the chocolate- and greeting card-fueled holiday.

Whether you’re celebrating the day with friends, family or a tub of ice cream, consider this: why not show your compressed air system some love, too?

Like a good relationship, maintaining your compressed air system takes time, effort, and a little money. Here are three ways to keep the relationship with your compressed air system happy and healthy:

  1. Maintain open communication

Good relationships are built on effective communication, and so is a good compressed air system. While it’s great to periodically check in on your machines, communicate with your system all year long through monitoring and data reporting services.

If there is ever an issue or inefficiency, a monitoring feature alerts you before it becomes a serious threat to productivity. To ensure you always know how your system is performing, take a look at our SmartLink monitoring service. 

  1. Heat things up 

Heat recovery is an easy way to benefit your entire facility. Up to 85 percent of energy used to create compressed air is dissipated as heat. Recapturing that lost energy can save you money — sometimes up to 80 percent of energy costs. With the energy recovered through hot air or water, many facilities can power other operations, such as boilers or heaters.

  1. Don’t be demanding

It’s never good to be demanding in a relationship, and the same goes for your compressed air system. To avoid asking too much of your compressed air system, make sure your compressor is the proper size and drive. If you have a relatively steady demand, try a fixed speed compressor. If your demand has large fluctuations during the day, a VSD may be a better option. Selecting the right compressor can be tricky, so consult a professional before making any purchases or changes.

Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to show your air compressor some love. With a little effort, this relationship can be happy and healthy for years to come.6

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