Compressed Air Application: Automotive – Paint & Body Shop

Automotive paint and body shops use compressed air in nearly every step of the automotive body repair process. Including various sanding steps (rough to wet finishing), multiple paint applications, (primer coats, base coats and finishing clear coats) and they all … Continue reading

Splash and Pressure Lubrication in Piston Compressors

Piston compressors have been around for centuries. They can be either oil-injected or oil-free, depending on the application and end use. In oil-injected models, the oil typically serves three crucial purposes: cooling, sealing and lubricating. But not all oil-injected piston … Continue reading

Decoding the Duty Cycle Rating of Piston Compressors

Selecting the correct air compressor for your application can be a complicated process. Before making a purchase, operators need to specify the quality and amount of air their application requires. Each compressor technology (rotary, piston, centrifugal, etc.) has an optimal … Continue reading

Atlas Copco and Outcast Kustoms

Kelvin Locklear with Outcast Kustoms shows us around his shop and how Atlas Copco helps them with their operations. He shows us the paint booth, the plasma cutting area, the Atlas Copco piston compressor, and other areas where Atlas Copco … Continue reading