Splash and Pressure Lubrication in Piston Compressors

Piston compressors have been around for centuries. They can be either oil-injected or oil-free, depending on the application and end use. In oil-injected models, the oil typically serves three crucial purposes: cooling, sealing and lubricating. But not all oil-injected piston … Continue reading

Decoding the Duty Cycle Rating of Piston Compressors

Selecting the correct air compressor for your application can be a complicated process. Before making a purchase, operators need to specify the quality and amount of air their application requires. Each compressor technology (rotary, piston, centrifugal, etc.) has an optimal … Continue reading

Rick Dore to Sign Autographs at Atlas Copco Booth No. 10121 – SEMA 2016

In the 1950s and 1960s, young Rick Dore didn’t know anyone who owned a car. Growing up in the Bronx and Lower East Side of Manhattan, only the boys coming back from Vietnam could buy factory muscle cars — Chevelles … Continue reading