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Big Idea, Small Compressor: Silent Fan Inspired by Nature


We’re beginning a new series that will explore the many innovations housed with the GA VSD+ range of compact oil-injected rotary screw compressors. This compressor range reduces energy consumption by 50 percent compared to a traditional load/unload compressor of the same type, is 15 percent more efficient than the previous generation and offers a 12 percent improvement in free air delivery. It also features a compact footprint and low noise levels.

Low noise levels are important in industries where the user can benefit from having the air compressor within close proximity to the work station, such as in the woodworking or automotive industry. The GA VSD+ uses a technologically advanced fan to help achieve noise levels low enough for a normal conversation to be held while the machine is running.

What’s the big idea?

The fan blade utilizes a design with a serrated edge that is inspired by the aerodynamic and mostly silent wings of an owl. With an aerodynamic design, the fan needs less energy to cleave through the air, making it more energy efficient.

To see the fan in action, watch our animated video: GA VSD+ Silent Fan.

The GA VSD+ promises to reduce energy costs and contribute to a more sustainable industry, incorporating many big ideas into one small compressor. Contact us to find out how much you could be saving by switching to the GA VSD+.